bcWelcome to my little corner of the internet; yes, unlike the world, the internet is indeed flat.

I’m Jay Faulkner, a disabled writer, martial artist, para-archer, sketcher, & dreamer but most importantly a husband and father.

The links are on the left, the blog is (mostly) on the right, and everything else is either where you left it or down the sides of the sofa.

This site is intended to offer you a little insight into my mind and to paraphrase the X-Men upon the arrival of Kitty Pryde, ‘I hope you survive the experience’ (yes, I am a geek/nerd, how nice of you to notice) with updates on my writing, reviews of books and movies, guest posts and book blasts, and other things that you didn’t want to know about or, at least, didn’t know that you didn’t want to know about until you read them.

And then it is a little too late…